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Leasing Facts:

Of the $850 billion spent by business on productive assets in 2006, $229 billion, or 27 percent, is estimated to have been acquired by American businesses through leasing. Source: Equipment Leasing Association of America (ELAOnline)

Financing programs

Financing Programs

You need working capital and the most technologically-advanced equipment to help your business grow. Our equipment leasing programs let you have both with straight-forward, cost-effective financing options.  

XMi Financial Services offers many leasing options, but here are the most common:

Operating Lease

An operating lease offers maximum financing flexibility for businesses. Low payments and the option to purchase the equipment at lease-end are the key benefits. Operating lease benefits include:

  • Low, fixed-rate monthly payments with flexible terms.
  • Deductibility of lease payments as an operating expense.*
  • Option to return equipment at lease-end, or purchase the equipment at fair market value.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is a good option for businesses that prefer to retain the equipment at the end of the lease. Unlike a loan, which may have floating interest rates, a finance lease means fixed payments. The leased equipment is considered an asset, allowing depreciation and interest deductions during the lease term. Advantages of a finance lease include:

  • Lower down payment with low, fixed monthly payments over a longer term.
  • Tax benefits.*
  • Equipment ownership. At the end of the lease, you have the option to buy the equipment for as little as $1.00

Download a credit application (pdf)   The expertise of the XMi Financial Services professional staff ensures that equipment financing packages are put together quickly and accurately, saving your business time and money. Consider leasing to maintain cash flow and provide other benefits.

* Always check with your accountant or financial advisor to verify deductibility and any tax benefits.

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